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Nearly every business today has tons of data. Terabytes, petabytes, exabytes of data are stored in your data center. But data isn’t the same thing as information.

Data is nothing but numbers, facts, records, and files. Sure, your database people have it organized into structures. You might even call it information, which is the “I” in IT, but it’s really just data.

Information is so much more than simply numbers, facts, and records; it’s a story that actually informs you. It’s the story of how your customers buy from you, how your processes operate, how your manufacturing plant functions. Information helps you understand the possible ways to improve your business and the best decisions to make.

All too often, information is hiding behind all your data. So how do you find the information hidden by all your data? Get an Analytics Solution from LRS IT Solutions.

Our solutions incorporate the leading names in the analytics field, including IBM PureData For Analytics (powered by Netezza), IBM Cognos Analytics, and WebFOCUS from Information Builders.

Whether you’re in insurance, financial services, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, or government, we can develop a solution to help you mine information from all your data. We’ll begin by looking at your business, gathering your requirements, and discovering the goals you want to achieve, and then implement the solution that will help you reach them.

Contact us today so we can begin transforming your data into real information.