Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.


Servers, storage, and software are the heart and soul of your IT infrastructure. Those products define the nature of your IT environment and dictate how effective it is for your organization.

Some companies will always try to sell you the latest ground-breaking, paradigm-shifting technology they have, because that’s what they know. Our team knows technology inside and out, and they know something else even more important: They know how to specify and configure the technology your operation needs for maximum efficiency.

The first thing we do with a new client is to learn everything about their business needs. Your organization may truly need paradigm-shifting technology, for example, or you may simply need to upgrade aging servers or expand your storage to accommodate planned growth. Our team knows how to gather your needs and assess the available technology to craft a solution that works for you. Whatever that solution is.

We sell:

Servers including z Systems, Power, and x86-based servers.

Storage systems – Disk, Flash, and Tape.

VMwareVMware® virtualization software for data center and cloud management, desktop and application virtualization, and for storage and availability.