Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.


Keeping pace with technology while managing your IT infrastructure is difficult at best. The daily responsibilities of maintaining operations leaves little time for strategizing needed business transformation.

An efficient, productive IT environment needs to be planned, designed, implemented, and supported by experts with proven infrastructure knowledge and experience with all the parts and the best way for all of them to work together. And to work with the way your organization works.

That’s why LRS® IT Solutions offers a range of professional services for your IT infrastructure; everything from implementation, performance analysis and tuning, periodic health checks, and business transformation to the cloud. Our team of experts has planned and executed IT implementations of all kinds for organizations of all sizes. Small businesses, global corporations, school districts, universities, and government agencies have all benefitted from our services.

We can provide the service your organization needs. Take a look at what we offer in these IT areas:

Managed Services move the burden of monitoring and managing from your staff to ours.

Cloud Services simplify delivery if IT services to your staff while improving your bottom line.

Professional Services plan and implement your IT solution and make sure it meets your needs.