Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.


As your organization searches for a way to operate as effectively and efficiently as possible, you may be considering cloud computing. You’ve probably heard that the cloud offers agility and a path for accelerating business innovation and transformation. You may be persuaded by research showing reductions of more than 50 percent in operating costs and over 60 percent in time to deployment.

What you need is a dependable partner to help you move into the cloud. That’s where we fit in.

LRS® IT Solutions offers a range of cloud-based services that can help your organization deliver IT services more efficiently, improve your ability to deal with challenges, and simplify the delivery and management of services to your employees, customers, and partners.

Cloud services from LRS IT Solutions include data replication and recovery and remote server monitoring and management. As they help make your organization more agile, our cloud-based solutions can help you improve your bottom line so that you can invest capital back into your business.

Remote Monitoring & Management transfers the burden of asset management from your staff to ours as we keep your IT environment running remotely.

Data Replication continuously maintains a current copy of your critical business data in the cloud to minimize potential data loss.

Data Recovery restores your backed up data from tape to the cloud to help you rebound from a disaster.

Data Protection automatically verifies your data backup, detects and remediates backup failures, and manages your backup environment.