Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.


One of the issues that a growing business faces is the burden of maintaining IT infrastructure – keeping the hardware and software current and operating correctly. Any organization with a limited IT staff finds that monitoring and management tasks can take over and leave no time for any other IT work.

One way to solve the problem is adding IT resources; in other words, hiring more staff. A better way to solve the problem is Remote Monitoring and Management Services from LRS® IT Solutions. We offer a full menu of services, and just like the best menus, we let you select things a la carte! Start small and add services as you grow.

From basic support, which includes light monitoring of your hardware and software, remote control of your assets by LRS technicians, and hardware and software reporting, to the capability to manage your infrastructure and add capacity and deploy servers, we offer the level of IT management you need.

Best of all, we can deliver the service you need at the right price. Contact us to learn more.