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One of the biggest pressures hospitals and clinics face today is the push toward EHR or EMR – electronic, or digital, records of patient health. The goal is to replace the traditional paper “chart” with electronic files that are accurately updated and instantly available whenever they’re needed.

The electronic, or digital, files can also provide better HIPAA patient privacy compliance than paper charts that can be left in the open.

As health care facilities move toward paperless patient records, they need a more robust IT infrastructure than ever before. They need processing speed and storage capacity to deliver, update, and store records that include digital files of X-Rays and CT scans.

Our technology experts have been involved in these conversions, architecting and implementing IT solutions that help hospitals move ever closer to a paperless record system while keeping costs down. Our team knows the importance of delivering an environment that is available 24x7 while requiring less space and less power.

As the CIO at one client hospital noted, “We need robust electronic systems to keep up with our medial and business challenges. That’s what LRS delivered.”