Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.


The transportation industry is one of the most important industries that keep our economy running. From trucking to rail to air to cargo ships, goods from all over the world move from the manufacturer to the end user allowing businesses to thrive.

The logistics associated with shipping goods from point A to point B require a complex infrastructure of people and Information Technology. We’ve worked with our transportation clients to improve their operations.

The transportation industry does not escape government regulatory requirements. Customs documents, bills of lading, drive time limitations, GPS tracking, maritime requirements and others all play a role. Transportation companies must comply with all of these requirements.

One of our customers, a major US-based airline had an aging mainframe server that was responsible for all of their aircraft fleet maintenance. The server was soon to be out of support, which meant that the airline would not be in compliance. LRS helped the airline upgrade their mainframe server seamlessly with minimal disruption of service.