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The utilities industry, particularly the electricity generating and distributing industry, is facing a number of challenges today. Their coal-fired plants are the target of new emissions standards, more of their customers are installing solar panels and buying less electricity, and increasing numbers of energy efficient appliances means demand, and revenue, are declining.

To maintain business operating efficiency, though, both public and private-sector utilities need to keep their IT infrastructure up to date. Many utilities are modernizing by implementing smart meters and smart grid technology, while others are overwhelmed by the prospect of supporting their business operations with an up-to-date IT environment.

No matter where your organization is on that spectrum, we have experience working with utilities. One client who trusts our team to keep its production and disaster recovery sites up to date is a recognized leader in distributed generation and energy efficiency. Another client is a municipal utility that had put off upgrading its IT infrastructure to the point that it had to “jump” several generations of mainframes to get its data center current.

Because of the experience of our team, we were able to deliver IT solutions that met business goals and fit budget requirements.