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Whether your IT staff is a couple of hard-working individuals who “wear a lot of hats” or a full staff of experienced professionals, your IT infrastructure could be suffering. After all, meeting the demands of keeping your IT environment at peak efficiency requires all the time your staff has, no matter how much staff you have.

Does your staff have any time to create a Disaster Recovery plan, for example? Or strategize IT’s role in your organization’s planned transformation? No? Perhaps it is time to look over the menu of Managed Services offered by LRS® IT Solutions and consider moving the burden of monitoring and managing your IT environment from your staff to ours.

One of the advantages of Managed Services from LRS IT Solutions is that you can select the service level that fits you and change when your needs change. For example, one of our clients began with a service level that simply augmented the backup and recovery monitoring performed by their internal IT staff. After experiencing the quality of our service, especially during an after-hours emergency, the client expanded their use of Managed Services.

Our selection of Managed Services can help you boost operational efficiency while reducing operational costs. We can provide you with enterprise-level support for a price that fits your budget. Consider these options:

LRS Watchdog for Virtualization provides a range of services for remotely monitoring and managing your virtualized IT infrastructure.

LRS Watchdog for High Availability can provide bi-directional replication and role swaps so your critical business data is constantly available.

LRS Watchdog for Disaster Recovery offers different levels of DR to meet your budget and RTO/RPO needs.

LRS Watchdog for Backup & Recovery can free your IT staff from the daily grind of backup maintenance so they can focus on work that moves your organization forward.