Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.


Your organization made the decision to take advantage of the benefits that virtualization offers. You wanted faster provisioning, load balancing, reduced footprint, high availability and other virtualization attributes.

Then you discovered that virtualization is a journey instead of a destination. Once your organization virtualized, your IT staff had a different list of responsibilities. But they still had a full list.

Lighten the virtualization load your IT staff carries. Take advantage of LRS® Watchdog for Virtualization and let our staff provide:

  • Proactive monitoring and management of the VMware® environment including advanced performance monitoring, scheduled preventative maintenance, and managing anti-virus software.
  • Quarterly Network Health review as well as Firewall, Router or Switch monitoring.
  • Workstation availability monitoring and OS patch management.
  • Additional services including End User support, Onsite and Remote Support, Upgrades and scheduled Hardware After Hours Support.

We provide our service from our location, and you can opt for the level of LRS Watchdog for Virtualization your organization needs. Contact us to learn more.