Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.


In spite of what you may read, there really is no “plug and play” solution for the enterprise IT infrastructure. You really can’t just plug a new server or disk drive into your data center, press a button, and expect everything to operate correctly.

But you can guarantee success by calling on Design and Implementation Services from LRS® IT Solutions. Our experts are trained, certified and experienced in planning, installing, and configuring today’s IT hardware and software products.

We always begin with a planning meeting so our experts can learn about your needs, goals, even your anticipated growth. They work with you to design the solution that meets your needs instead of trying to convince you that a stock solution will work.

Only after that work does our team physically install, configure, and test your solution. They also document the specific configuration and perform any necessary training for your staff. Periodic health checks follow to make sure the solution is working optimally.

If that sounds better than attempting a plug and play solution, contact us for more information.