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Managed Security Services

You really don’t need anyone to tell you about the importance of keeping your IT infrastructure secure. You know just how costly a breach could be to your organization.

But you have an IT staff that’s stretched thin with the daily work of keeping the infrastructure humming. Adding security monitoring, analysis, and remediation to anyone’s workload just means something else is not done.

That’s why LRS IT Solutions has partnered with Carbon Helix to offer a variety of Managed Security Service options. CarbonHelix is an IBM ISV Partner that can install the IBM QRadar SIEM solution for you or provide complete 24/7 Managed Security Service for your organization. Or perhaps your organization needs a level of service somewhere between those points.

The partnership of LRS IT Solutions and CarbonHelix can assess your situation and propose the Managed Security Service level that provides the best level of protection at the best possible price.

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