Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.


Your servers are the workhorses of your IT environment. They host your ERP and CRM applications and process all the work your staff does every day. People often talk about this equipment being “mission critical,” or absolutely vital to the success of their organizations. They’re not kidding.

We know how important your servers are because we’ve been specifying, configuring, and implementing servers for our clients since 1996. We know that no single server fits all situations, so we spend time gathering all of your needs and learning about your plans for growth projections before we recommend a solution.

Our team of technical experts holds multiple certifications in IBM® server technologies. From System x to Power to z Systems – yes, the mainframe, which is nowhere near extinct – we know which platform works best in every type and size of organization.

Find out more about the servers we implement:

System z – Although “Big Iron” marked its 50th anniversary in 2014, today’s mainframe continues to be the world’s dominant transaction processing platform, and it’s also becoming an Enterprise Server that is more relevant, practical, and powerful than ever.

Power  – Many organizations find Power® Systems to be the right fit for mission-critical processing, data analytics, cloud computing, and open systems infrastructure.

x86-based Servers  – The  x86-based server offers clients several advantages including the ability to rapidly virtualize deployment and simplify integration while keeping maintenance costs low.