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Have you virtualized some or all of your x86 servers? If you have, is your organization seeing the benefits of implementing a virtual IT environment?

If you haven’t virtualized, what’s holding you back? Do you think designing and setting up a virtual environment sounds complicated and a lot of work with little payback? If so, consider this: 70 percent of a typical IT budget in a non-virtualized datacenter is spent on just maintaining the infrastructure. Virtualization can dramatically cut those IT costs.

One of our customers implemented virtualization and was able to consolidate 70 servers to just two virtual hosts. Imagine the number of dollars the customer saved in management, backup, power, and space.

Some estimates suggest that an organization will see savings of 50-70 percent by consolidating their resources in a virtualized environment. In addition, a virtual environment opens the door to growth, high availability, and disaster recovery. Is it any wonder that all of the Fortune 100 companies use VMware in some capacity?

If you have already virtualized a high percentage of your servers, perhaps you’d like better management tools to keep your environment running at optimum levels. VMware offers a suite of tools to help you do just that.  LRS® IT Solutions can show you how these tools can help; we also offer a range of virtualization services.

As a VMware® Premier Partner, we know how to implement the virtualization and data protection solutions that can help your organization, so contact our team for a consultation today. We can advise you on a range of VMware products, including:

VMware Horizon Suite ­– The same technology that allows you to virtualize your server environment can also virtualize your workstation environment, so you can manage onsite and remote desktops, as well as applications, through a single platform.

vSphere® with Operations Management – vSOM is a performance and capacity monitoring tool for virtual environments that helps you monitor networking, CPU, storage, memory, and overall hardware health and utilization.

vCloud® Hybrid Service – Integrate your existing VMware environment with one or more cloud service offerings, including DR in the cloud, dedicated cloud capacity (single-tenant), and virtual private cloud (multi-tenant) workloads.

vCenter Site Recovery Manager – Reduce disaster recovery costs using simplified management and high automation of disaster recovery orchestration and testing.

VMware Virtual SAN – Implement software-defined storage to pool server storage using VMware software and share it out to your vSphere environment, emulating the abilities and benefits of hardware SAN.

VMware vSphere Data Protection – Get easy setup and management, deduplication, and high-performance virtual machine image-level backup and recovery.