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Big Data

Big Data

Even if you’re already analyzing data coming from ERPs and other systems you use to run your business, you may be ignoring lots of other data you could be using to make better decisions. After all, up to 80% of all data is unstructured and does not fit into traditional databases. This “dark data” includes sensor output, emails, social media opinions, notes taken by doctors or customer service agents, and interconnected devices in IoT, and too often it’s ignored.

Big Data solutions can help you store and analyze all of your data, including the “dark data,” no matter what the format is. It’s easy to let a Big Data platform, and the analytical applications built on top of it, become an independent silo instead of a solution integrated with traditional data marts or warehouses.

Our Big Data and Analytics team can help. They will work with you to understand your business challenge and determine how Big Data technologies can fit into your current environment to augment existing or new analytical applications. 

    • Hadoop®: Analyzing all of your data requires new ways to store and index it. Hadoop helps you overcome the volume and variety challenges of Big Data by handling massive amounts of data in any format so that you can derive value from all of your data.
    • Spark: How can you make analyzing Big Data better? The Spark big data analytics engine processes data in-memory, eliminating the need for batch processing found in Hadoop Map-Reduce. We can help you determine how Spark can enhance your Big Data environment.

    • Streaming Data: If your business requires real-time analytics at the scale of Big Data, streaming technologies let you analyze massive amounts of data in motion before it hits your storage systems. Analyzing real-time data helps you discover risk and opportunity, enhance the accuracy of predictive models, and drive more cognitive insights.