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ACT puts TSM Watchdog to the test

Managed service delivers reliable TSM administration


Provide backup for the one person managing TSM.

With an IT environment consisting of AIX running on IBM pSeries servers and Linux and Windows operating systems on IBM xSeries servers, ACT relies on TSM to manage routine data backup to a pair of tape libraries. Jim McCurdy, Assistant Vice President of Technology in Corporate Systems, noted that ACT’s information technology staff is light.

“I had one person who took care of TSM, and he wore many other hats,” McCurdy explained. “It was the sort of situation where, what would we do if something happened to this guy or if he left?” ACT obviously needed a backup for the person in charge of the backup software.


Implement a third-party service that handles TSM administration.

TSM Watchdog from LRS IT Solutions is an automated managed service that provides the highest level of support, monitoring and management for an organization’s TSM environment. It improves backup success rates, and therefore data recovery, while dramatically reducing TSM operating costs.

ACT initially implemented TSM Watchdog as a co-managed solution, in which an organization retains some of the management responsibility. Eventually they changed to the fully managed option, with LRS IT Solutions taking control.

McCurdy’s one concern about TSM Watchdog was response time in an emergency situation. Rapid response by LRS IT Solutions in an actual emergency put McCurdy’s concern to rest.

“Working with LRS is one of the best decisions we’ve made.”

— Jim McCurdy, Assistant Vice President of Technology, ACT


ACT has a reliable TSM administration resource.

McCurdy’s nightmare scenario of losing his single TSM administration staff member actually occurred. The person resigned from ACT to take a job with another organization. With TSM Watchdog standing guard, however, ACT has the option of not replacing the person.

“When we first implemented TSM Watchdog, it was like having an additional TSM administrator which meant we had a fallback in case any problems developed,” McCurdy recalled. “When we ran into the situation where we were losing our administrator, the loss didn’t cause us any issues. TSM Watchdog was our administrator.”