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Farm King modernizes IT for e-commerce and DR capability

New data center infrastructure enables virtualization and expanded capacity


Update midrange computer system for expanded capacity and e-commerce

With an eye toward implementing e-commerce and adding to its storage capacity, Farm King was planning an expansion of its data center operations at the corporate office. The company also wanted to implement virtualization, get all of its operating systems up to the latest release, and create a disaster recovery backup site. All at once.

“We wanted to accomplish all those goals at one time instead of attacking them one by one,” noted Brad Severs, Farm King Vice President. “We obviously knew this would be a big job.”


New hardware for the data center and a new off-site backup data center

LRS proposed a replacement and duplication of Farm King’s data center infrastructure with Disaster Recovery and High Availability solution designed into the plan. An IBM® Power® 720 Express running IBM I is the backbone of Farm King’s data center operation.

Updating their open systems servers and adding IBM N Series for Network Attached Storage (NAS) further prepared the new Farm King data center for growth, stability and better operations management. LRS also proposed a second data center, at an offsite location for disaster recovery.

“The end result is perfect. It’s better than we imagined it would be.”

— Brad Severs, Vice President, Farm King


Seamless server deployment and the platform for e-commerce

The new virtual environment makes server deployment a non-event for users. Farm King is adding new servers one at a time instead of deploying them all at once in a “big bang” implementation.

“The transition for users is seamless,” Severs said. “They suddenly notice that new stuff is available on the network one day.”

In addition, the company is now poised to begin its e-commerce project. Eventually, customers will be able to purchase everything Farm King stores stock by shopping online.