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LRS' Managed Detection and Response is a fully managed service delivered by experts who detect and respond to cyberattacks targeting your computers, servers, networks, cloud workloads, email accounts, and more.

Our analysts detect, investigate, and respond to threats in minutes, whether you need full-scale incident response or help making accurate decisions. We offer services around multiple EDR platforms to improve your security posture. Our MDR service combines technology and human expertise to perform threat hunting, monitoring, and response to rapidly identify and limit the impact of threats.




Broad Visibility
Works with your existing technology stack to discover and profile assets and collect data and security event observations from multiple sources.

24x7 Monitoring
Your environment is monitored for threats and risks around the clock, allowing you to focus on other important areas of your business.

Advanced Threats
Catch advanced threats that are missed with other approaches with a platform that analyzes more security data, and an experienced team who knows how to look for the



Managed Investigations 
We investigate suspicious activity so you don’t have to, making alert fatigue and time wasted on investigating false positives a thing of the past.

Log Retention and Search 
Takes the work out of managing logs, enabling you to easily conduct additional investigations, if needed.

Incident Response
Every second counts. Detect and respond to critical security incidents within minutes to prevent the spread of threats.




Guided Remediation
We work with you on detection, response, and remediation to validate the threat has been neutralized and verifying it hasn’t returned.

Root Cause Analysis
Deep investigation into the root cause of incidents to promote the creation of customized rules and workflows that harden your posture.

Root Cause Analysis
Deep investigation into the root cause of incidents to promote the creation of customized rules and workflows that harden your posture.

What are the benefits of MDR?

Organizations using an MDR solution can immediately reduce their time-to-detect, and therefore, time to respond, from the typical 280 days to as little as a few minutes –thereby dramatically reducing the impact of an event.

But reducing time-to-detect from months to mere minutes is not the only benefit. Organizations can also:

  • Improve security posture and become more resilient to potential attack by optimizing security configuration and eliminating rogue systems.
  • Identify and stop hidden, sophisticated threats through continuous managed threat hunting.
  • Respond to threats more effectively and restore endpoints to a known good status through guided response and managed remediation.
  • Redirect staff from reactive and repetitive incident response work toward more strategic projects.
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Discover faster, better endpoint detection and response with LRS

Managed Detection and Response provides superior cybersecurity outcomes. Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) uses data collected from endpoint devices to understand how cyberthreats behave and the ways that organizations respond to them. With EDR capabilities, you can centralize security monitoring for your endpoints and networks across cloud and on-premises environments.


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