Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.

LRS' DevSecOps (development, security, and operations) as a series of best practices automates the integration of security into each phase of the DevOps software development lifecycle. The overall goal of our experts is to help create a collaborative environment between developers and security professionals, enabling your organization to build secure code faster and easier. This approach to collaborative security saves money, time on manual tasks, helps organizations meet regulatory compliance requirements and reduces the risk of critical security vulnerabilities appearing after an application's final build. The ultimate goal is to bridge between security teams and developers while ensuring fast, safe delivery of code. Silo thinking is replaced with communication between different teams and shared responsibility of application security.


Secure Coding

Our team can provide code analysis to identify vulnerabilities in your code or engage with your team for custom development engagements.



Our team of engineers view automation not only as a means to reduce repetitive work, but also as a way to ensure accuracy and improve security. LRS automation experts provide solutions in a variety of platforms and languages and are happy to build for your organization or to build alongside it.


DevSecOps Security

Fully integrating security into DevOps is the name of our game. Whether you need to build security into a mature DevOps practice or are at square one of creating your secure pipeline for code, LRS developers and engineers have the expertise, tools and processes to meet your goals.


Embrace Enterprise-ready DevOps Tools and Results

  • Ensure the code you write or assemble meets company security standards.
  • Quickly find and fix security flaws while you code
  • Speed up development, without the downside risk of open source vulnerabilities.
  • Hone your secure coding skills to continue producing high-quality code with training that meets your learning style
  • Create secure software with greater confidence and speed

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