Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.


At LRS® Security Solutions, we develop offerings to strengthen client cybersecurity posture through all phases of the security journey. Our priorities are to listen to our clients, keep our approach holistic, and embody the ‘trusted advisor’ role. We are positioned to assess your environment, provide strategic security guidance, design appropriate solutions, then deploy and manage them throughout the lifecycle.

Our security professionals have diverse industry backgrounds, allowing them to create and deliver solutions tailored to your environment – giving you peace of mind and the necessary time to focus on the demands of your business. Professional Services offerings are designed to address your specific risks or pain points, while maximizing the investments that you’ve made in existing tools and solutions.

By combining our team’s expertise, a clear understanding of your business needs, and knowledge of the current state of cybersecurity risks, we can deliver solutions aligning with the security strategy that is best for your organization. Our core competencies include:

Security Assessments

      • LRS Security Assessment Methodology
        • CRA - Can include regular assessments of your security posture, focused on Active Directory and firewall security. Analyses include vulnerability scanning, while providing comprehensive metrics and progress tracking over time.
        • Penetration Testing - Internal/External Penetration Test - At LRS, we work with clients to develop programs that will support your business goals. By combining our security expertise with a clear understanding of your business needs and the current state of security programs, our team of security experts provides clear insight and extensive experience to help you design a security strategy and policy that is best for your business.
        • Framework-aligned assessments
          • CIS
          • NIST
        • Risk Assessments

Security Engineering

      • Architecture – Design, build, implement
      • Network Security - Network security engineers can evaluate entire network topology, configuration, and security controls. Collected information can be assessed and utilized to develop strategies for improved security through network segmentation, improved utilization of existing infrastructure and recommendations for improved controls. Our security experts can then work collaboratively with you as part of an implementation function, or in an ongoing co-management capacity.
      • IDAM - Identities have become one of the primary targets of bad actors. As such, it is imperative to appropriately manage security of identities at the endpoint, within applications, and for privileged users at the server level as well. IAM is a journey, not a destination, and as such requires appropriate planning and implementation steps to be successful. Our team can provide the tools and skills to ensure that your IAM strategy is sound.
      • Zero Trust
      • Configuration Management
      • Resiliency – HA/BC/DR

Security Operations

      • Vulnerability Management - Vulnerability Management - The LRS team can provide tooling and services to perform necessary vulnerability scanning, patch management and associated reporting. You can rest easy while our team ensures that your environment attack surface is minimized.
      • Cyber Intelligence
      • Offensive Security
      • Endpoint Protection
      • SOC - Having situational awareness of your environment is critical for operational security, and Security Operations Centers typically provide tools and capabilities to deliver it. LRS’ managed SOC services provide visibility, monitoring and alerting for events occurring across your technology environment 24x7x365. Available functions include SIEM and MDR/XDR.
      • Training and Awareness

Security Development Services

      • Automation
      • DevSecOps

Strategic Security Services

      • General Consultation
        • GRC
          • Security Governance
          • Risk Management
          • Compliance Services
      • Virtual CISO - LRS’ security experts provide guidance on issues such as risk management, policy development, user awareness and training, regulatory compliance, etc. These critical functions, along with numerous others, can be performed by their team of cyber security experts. A tailored set of services can be developed for your specific needs, ensuring a right fit for you. Team qualifications include: HCISPP, CISSP, CCSP, CISM, CRISC, CEH, CCISO, GPEN, GWAPT, OSCP, amongst others.