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Our Digital Forensics service consists of the operation of gathering, examining, and analyzing data from networks, applications, data stores, and endpoints, both on-premises and in the cloud to determine if an attack is in progress and who may be behind the activity.


The Three Stages of Digital Forensics investigations



Once evidence has been turned over or unearthed through an eDiscovery process, duplicates are created using a hard-drive duplicator or software imaging tools. Duplicates are immediately verified and re-verified at critical points throughout the investigation to ensure their integrity.

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Our digital forensic team members methodically analyze the data to examine and impartially consider all available facts regarding the extent, timing, and participants of the incident, as well as what information may have been breached.


A final report is prepared that reviews the facts, recommends steps to restore systems back to normal, and suggests actions to mitigate future risk.

Advantages of Digital Forensics

  • Ensures systems and network integrity
  • Produces evidence that can be used in the court, lead to punishment of the culprit.
  • Helps capture important information if computer systems or networks are compromised.
  • Efficiently tracks down cybercriminals from anywhere in the world.
  • Helps protect organization’s money and valuable time.
  • Enables the extraction, processing and interpretation of evidence

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