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Security assessments enable your IT team to identify areas of weakness and opportunities for growth in security protection. Understanding where current vulnerabilities exist, and which are a priority, allows your IT team to make better informed decisions about future security expenses. Given the damages and expenses that can result from security breach, routine security assessments should be part of a company’s security program and annual budget. Contact us to get started!


Security Assessments

Our Security Assessment offerings consist of our Cyber Risk Analysis (CRA), Penetration Testing, Framework Alignment & Risk Assessments. Our CRA is a narrowly focused, proprietary, security engagement that consists of internal and external vulnerability scanning, AD security assessment, and boundary firewall security evaluation.


Cyber Risk Analysis

The CRA, is a security assessment that focuses on areas commonly found to be a point of entry or attack by bad actors. It’s performed by security experts at LRS, who have served on red and blue teams, and now utilize their knowledge and experience to help organizations harden their environments. The CRA is a narrowly focused security engagement that consists of internal and external vulnerability scanning, Active Directory security assessment, and boundary firewall security evaluation. The CRA will determine:

  • Whether exploitable risks exist in your perimeter defenses
  • Whether security misconfiguration poses a significant risk to your Active Directory environment
  • The level of risk to your organization due to hardware and software vulnerabilities
  • Learn more about assessing your Cyber Risk.

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Phishing Assessment

How many of your employees will click on a random link they see in email? We can help you quantify that issue. Recon and Intelligence Gathering is used to determine just how much information can be found about your organization. Attackers will use this information to figure out how to attack your organization without being noticed.


Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a broader security assessment focused on finding vulnerabilities within a customer’s environment. Upon discovery of a vulnerability, LRS’ security practitioners will determine if they can successfully exploit the vulnerability to gain access to the environment. This may allow the penetration tester to move within the customer environment, collect information, and potentially exfiltrate data. Deliverables from a pen test are focused on the vulnerabilities that were detected and exploits that were successfully launched, so tend to be narrower in scope and less prescriptive than a CRA.


Penetration Testing vs. LRS’ Cyber-Risk Analysis



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