Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.

LRS Security Solutions exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small. We understand needs from the clients perspective, a business owners perspective, a compliance perspective and a technologists perspective.

Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations facilitate change, achieve their vision and optimize performance and productivity.

  • Internal/External Penetration Test - At LRS, we work with clients to develop programs that will support your business goals. By combining our security expertise with a clear understanding of your business needs and the current state of security programs, our team of security experts provides clear insight and extensive experience to help you design a security strategy and policy that is best for your business.
  • Vulnerability Assessment - Vulnerability Assessments are great if you want to check the coverage of your existing vulnerability management program of if you are just getting started and need assistance in identifying and prioritizing security risks in your environment. This engagement will look at both internal and external systems and utilizing a mix of automated and manual scanning will help determine where vulnerabilities exist as well as assist your team in prioritizing and planning to correct these issues.
  • Phishing Assessment - How many of your employees will click on a random link they see in email? We can help you quantify that issue. Recon and Intelligence Gathering is used to determine just how much information can be found about your organization. Attackers will use this information to figure out how to attack your organization without being noticed.
  • Vulnerability Management - The LRS team can provide tooling and services to perform necessary vulnerability scanning, patch management and associated reporting. You can rest easy while our team ensures that your environment attack surface is minimized.
  • Network Security Architecture and Engineering - Network security engineers can evaluate entire network topology, configuration, and security controls. Collected information can be assessed and utilized to develop strategies for improved security through network segmentation, improved utilization of existing infrastructure and recommendations for improved controls. Our security experts can then work collaboratively with you as part of an implementation function, or in an ongoing co-management capacity.
  • Cyber Risk Analyses - Can include regular assessments of your security posture, focused on Active Directory and firewall security. Analyses include vulnerability scanning, while providing comprehensive metrics and progress tracking over time.
  • Active Directory Hygiene & Automation - Cleanup and automation of hygiene activities performed by LRS’ DevSecOps team. They can work collaboratively with your AD Administrators to remedy identified deficiencies and ensure that your team can more accurately and securely maintain the AD environment moving forward.
  • Security Operations Center - Having situational awareness of your environment is critical for operational security, and Security Operations Centers typically provide tools and capabilities to deliver it. LRS’ managed SOC services provide visibility, monitoring and alerting for events occurring across your technology environment 24x7x365. Available functions include SIEM and MDR/XDR.
  • Identity & Access Management - Identities have become one of the primary targets of bad actors. As such, it is imperative to appropriately manage security of identities at the endpoint, within applications, and for privileged users at the server level as well. IAM is a journey, not a destination, and as such requires appropriate planning and implementation steps to be successful. Our team can provide the tools and skills to ensure that your IAM strategy is sound.
  • Virtual CISO - LRS’ security experts provide guidance on issues such as risk management, policy development, user awareness and training, regulatory compliance, etc. These critical functions, along with numerous others, can be performed by their team of cyber security experts. A tailored set of services can be developed for your specific needs, ensuring a right fit for you. Team qualifications include: HCISPP, CISSP, CCSP, CISM, CRISC, CEH, CCISO, GPEN, GWAPT, OSCP, amongst others.
    • LRS vCISO, or Virtual CISO, is a service designed to make top-tier security experts available to organizations who need security expertise and guidance. Our team of experts have decades of experience building information security programs that work WITH business objectives and show measurable improvement to security posture.
    • Security Business Alignment - As cyber threats and hackers continue to advance, in numbers and sophistication, it’s now more important than ever to have a clear vision of your organization’s cybersecurity posture. Here are the steps step for evaluating the maturity of your cybersecurity posture and identifying your business’ needs and objectives.
      • Business Critical resources
      • Define Your Priorities
      • What is your Rick Appetite?
      • Employ a Framework for Cybersecurity
    • Incident Response Retainer - The unfortunate truth is that a security event is likely to happen at some point – whether from natural disaster, human error, malicious act, or other event. Maintaining a response retainer provides a level of comfort knowing that your response procedures will be handled by a team of experts with expertise in directing personnel activities, coordinating communications and other crisis management activities.