Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.


Levi Ray & Shoup Inc. Compute Cloud: Reliable, Scalable & Secure

Imagine being able to access state-of-the-art IT infrastructure as your business requires it. In the past, your only option was to build it out yourself with capital intensive storage, server and networking infrastructure. With LRS Cloud Compute you can provision dedicated and secure compute resources on demand, along with the high availability capabilities and scalability your business demands.

Become More Responsive & Agile

Compute Cloud allows you to respond to changes and the growth requirements of your organization. The LRS Compute Cloud provides your staff with the tools to dynamically deploy and manage your capacity so you never have to over buy to meet anticipated demand.

Pay for Only What You Need

LRS Compute Cloud instantly provides the standardization and resiliency you have been trying to build out on your own. Your application environments are immediately able to take advantage of world class servers, networking, and storage infrastructure all within an enterprise class data center. Plus, you get it on demand all at a fraction of the cost if you were to build it out for yourself. In the LRS Compute Cloud you only pay for the resources you consume so you can avoid the large upfront capital expenditure.

Data Protection & Regulatory Compliance

The LRS Compute Cloud infrastructure has been built with security in mind and with an eye on regulatory and standard data compliance requirements like HIPAA and PCI. The LRS Compute Cloud provides you with the security your company needs and your clients are demanding.

Let Us Manage the Environment

As your partner, LRS can provide you with complete support, allowing you to focus your resources on your applications and data instead of on the infrastructure it lives on. We can migrate your workloads and manage your environment.

LRS Compute Cloud Built on a Strong Foundation

Our Cloud Compute solution has been built upon industry leading enterprise-class, geographically disbursed data centers and is architected to take advantage of advanced technology at the network, compute and storage levels.

Migrate to the Cloud with Ease

LRS has the skills and expertise to quickly and seamlessly enable your migration to the cloud. We accelerate your “time to value” allowing you to more quickly achieve the benefits cloud provides.