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Infrastructure Solutions with LRS

The Total Economic Impact of Using both IBM & Red Hat Solutions Together

LRS IT Solutions - From the data center to the boardroom, we design solutions that enable your business to achieve results.

The Evolution of Hybrid Cloud - Innovative Data Sharing in a Digital World (ebook)
Evolution in data storage and cloud computing technology is inevitable and is a necessity for the survival of businesses. The traditional ways of doing business have changed and, in that, so have traditional ways of delivering IT Infrastructure.

Leverage ALL your data with a data fabric
Data is more dispersed, dynamic, diverse, and difficult to manage than ever before. Enterprises must juggle complex multivendor data environments, siloed data sets and long data preparation cycles—all while maintaining a secure and compliant data governance strategy.

Protect and Optimize Your Storage Solutions
Safe storage is a cornerstone of cybersecurity. Where and how businesses store their data is important not only to protecting their own data, but that of their customers, too.

Comprehensive Data Storage Solutions
Data protection has continued to morph over the last 20+ years. Today we are seeing a new evolution as to what it means to ensure data is safe and protected.

LRS State of Business Analytics Study
This study is designed to examine the key trends fueling the need for analytics, and how it’s being used as a competitive tool.

Deploying Secure Hybrid Cloud: Security Aspects & Challenges
The move to the cloud alleviates the need to physically maintain servers and the network infrastructure surrounding them; however, it’s important to note that with cloud environments, organizations won’t be alleviated when it comes to security, rather they will need to continue to carry the responsibility of securing data and workloads both in the cloud and on-premises.

Hybrid Cloud utilizing Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Power
Today, enterprises have moved, or are moving, their workloads to the cloud. The most common strategy is a mixture of on-premises and public cloud providers, or what is referred to as hybrid multicloud.

Enterprise Security Magazine - LRS Top 10 Security Assessment Provider
Levi, Ray and Shoup, Inc. - Superior Consulting for Foolproof Cybersecurity

Uptime Institute 2020 Data Center Survey
The Uptime Institute 2020 data center survey is the largest and most comprehensive in the industry. The findings discussed in this report reveal what owners and operators around the world are thinking, doing and planning in the areas of efficiency, resiliency, workload placement, climate change, staffing, and new technology adoption.

LRS Software Line Card
We are certified to resell most security offerings and our team of consultants can make prioritized recommendations on what is needed to close critical vulnerabilities.

LRS vCISO, or Virtual CISO, is a service designed to make top-tier security experts available to organizations who need security expertise and guidance. Our team of experts have decades of experience; building information security programs that work WITH business objectives and show measurable improvement to security posture.

EMERGING TECHNOLOGY ASSESSMENT: The Total Economic Impact of Using IBM and Red Hat Solutions Together
The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of solutions using both IBM and Red Hat offerings in their organizations.

Technology Lifecycle Management Review
When was the last time you committed the time to reviewing your infrastructure support model? If it has been a while you might be paying for equipment no longer in productive use. Or, even worse, you may be at risk from an uncovered critical system.

Security - Cyber Risk Analysis
The LRS Foundational Cyber Risk Analysis is a great first step on the path to better security awareness. Our team of security experts target aspects of your security foundation that can be addressed quickly.

EBOOK - 5 Boxes to Check - What makes a good Managed Services provider?
Perhaps you’re looking to better manage your IT costs, or free up your IT staff from the daily grind of keeping the environment running. Both are good use cases for managed IT services.

LRS Named in Top 25 IBM Solution Providers for 2018
LRS was recently named on of the Top 25 IBM Solution Providers for 2018.

Insights and transparency from the data center floor to the boardroom. One single analytics platform for all it business operations needs.

Desktop Managed Services
Today’s demanding business environments require 7x24x365 accessibility to data. Flawless end-user access is now the norm.

Flash Myths Meet Flash Facts
Flash is the newest storage technology available for your IT environment, but it’s no longer really “new.” IBM introduced its first FlashSystem products in 2013, so flash storage has already attained a level of maturity.

Office 365 Services
With Office 365 you can browse your enterprise data in SharePoint, respond to corporate emails, see calendars, book appointments, and do just about everything you can at your desk from anywhere securely!

Network Management Services
You rely on your network to be the transport of your data, communications, and it’s the backbone of your IT infrastructure.

Preparedness Checklist For a Changing Security Landscape
In this infographic, we’ll discuss today’s security landscape and how you can partner with LRS IT Solutions to meet security, risk management, and compliance goals.

Security Experts
These days you really don’t need to be told how important it is to secure your Information Technology Environment. Its critical to understand your assets and to have a risk management strategy in place that can be executed if your network is compromised.

Server Management Services
LRS offers Remote Server Management that leverages our consistent “always on” monitoring of your server environments to ensure your performing at your peak.

Supporting Mission Critical Systems - Help Desk Support
In today’s fast paced business environment, you must provide your employees with access to corporate enterprise applications regardless of their location or method of access.


Ransomware (Infographic)
The worst day in your organization is one click away. Are you prepared?

Threat Management (Infographic)
Staying Safe in an Unpredictable Environment

Find the Value In Your Data (Infographic)
Analyst studies have proven that insight-driven organizations have higher revenues, better return on asset, and faster revenue growth than those companies who aren’t driven by analytics.

IBM Storage (Infographic)
MORE is More, when it comes to your Storage. Facts & Stats to help you choose your storage platform.

IBM Power Systems (Infographic)
Powerful forces—mobile, cloud and big data & analytics—are redefining how business gets done.


Limited Edition Podcast - LRS Podcast on Data Masking
The LRS Data and Analytics experts discuss the importance of data masking and protecting and securing business-critical information.

LRS, your expert in mainframe technology, is proud to offer IBM z15 multi-frame and single-frame solutions.

LRS Analytics Overview
The LRS Big Data & Analytics Group helps customers find value in their data to drive better business outcomes.

LRS Flash Systems
The IBM Flash Storage family, combined with LRS's expertise, is here to deliver storage made simple for Hybrid Multi Cloud.

LRS Hybrid Cloud Software on IBM Power Systems
LRS is excited to offer IBM hybrid cloud software and IBM Power Systems to help modernize your business now!

LinuxONE is the most highly engineered system for data and cloud serving, with extreme performance, large scale, and reduced operational costs.

LRS IT Solutions Security Overview
LRS IT Solutions understands how important security is. That’s why we offer best of breed, integrated security solutions that protect your networks and critical data assets from compromise.

Technology Lifecycle Management
Has it been a while since you reviewed your infrastructure support model? Our lifecycle management experts can provide insight into your coverage programs and services.