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LRS IT Solutions Power Servers & Power Ballads Webinar Replay

Advancements in music recording and digital data took separate paths over the years, but the journeys have been similar and intertwined.

Music recording has advanced in parallel to our current day data solutions. Data has become such an important aspect of almost every aspect of life, and has culminated in the innovation of Cloud computing and IBM’s Power VS offering.

If you missed the LRS and IBM Power Servers & Power Ballads virtual event featuring the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, register below to watch the replay!

At this event we discussed:

  • the benefits of IBM Hybrid Cloud and IBM Power VS on IBM Cloud
  • IBM Power VS as the platform built for data intense, mission-critical AIX and IBM i applications.
  • flexibility and choice on how you deploy your applications using Power VS
  • the consistent experiences between Power VS in the IBM Cloud or on-prem

Want more information on the evolution of music and technology through the years? Check out our ebook!