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Mainframe Modernization with LRS and Model 9

Mainframe modernization is a top priority for most enterprises; however, it can be challenging figuring out where to start. Join LRS and Model9 for an informative webinar focused on how we can help jumpstart your mainframe modernization cloud journey!

Replay Link: https://www.lrsitsolutions.com/Resources/844f9e70-56a4-436c-beab-2d57fb9d8733/Mainframe Modernization with LRS-20210519 1801-1.mp4

During this event, we discussed:

  • How we can accelerate your mainframe data migration to the cloud.
  • Monetizing your mainframe data by unlocking it in the cloud.
  • Leveraging cloud to reduce the costs of mainframe data management.
  • Lower cost mainframe backup, space management and disaster recovery in the cloud