Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.

IT Strategy

Not so long ago, IT infrastructure meant a mainframe, some servers, and a network. Today it means a constantly evolving mix of on-prem hardware, on-prem cloud, hybrid cloud, and many other options. LRS® IT Solutions was your trusted partner for IBM systems in those simpler times, and we continue to be your partner today. Technology never stands still, and neither do we. As an IBM Platinum Business Partner and Red Hat Advanced Partner, we can help you with:


IBM has been in the mainframe business since 1964, and today’s IBM Z® and LinuxONE® systems continue to set the standard for innovation, reliability, and security. We’ve been helping businesses analyze their mainframe needs, configure their mainframe, and install their main­frame for decades.  We provide a wide variety of services to complement your existing IT staff and maintain your critical systems and applications.

IBM Power

Power® servers from IBM offer power, speed, dependability, and flexibility. Whether you’re implementing a hybrid cloud environment or launching an AI initiative, Power servers can be configured to meet your needs and achieve your business goals.  LRS IT Solutions has a team of experts whose deep knowledge of hardware is matched by their ability to understand your business.


IBM invented tape storage and the disk drive, but the company didn’t stop innovating. Today’s IBM storage options include every­thing from tape to flash and multiple hybrid options in between. You want to back up to the cloud? IBM’s there too.  LRS IT Solutions is always ready to assess your current storage needs and help you determine your future needs as your business grows.

Red Hat

Hybrid cloud is no longer the future, but an important aspect of today’s business environment.  IBM’s acquisition of Red Hat in 2019 signaled its commitment to innovation in the hybrid cloud space.  As the IT landscape has evolved, so has LRS.  Red Hat provides industry-leading solutions in cloud-native development, hybrid-cloud, automation and much more.  LRS can help guide you along the journey with forward-thinking solutions that leverage existing investments while taking advantage of open, secure and flexible platforms.