Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.

Case Studies

CASE STUDY - LRS helps a major metropolitan police and fire department pension fund attain overall network security
THE RESULT: Getting a CISO the virtual way.

CASE STUDY - LRS helps client move its data center 300 miles
THE NEED: Technology refresh and data migration; THE SOLUTION: IBM mainframe, Power servers, and storage; THE RESULT: Faster hardware and lower costs.

CASE STUDY - Automating  security compliance activity
LRS worked alongside an insurance company’s application and compliance teams to develop a strategy for accomplishing goals.

CASE STUDY - LRS performs Cyber Risk Analysis
Manufacturer looked to improve network security posture by testing for vulnerabilities.

CASE STUDY - NAL Expanded Capacity and new DR capability
THE NEED: Sufficient computing capac­ity to accommodate expected annual growth in usage over the next five years.

CASE STUDY - CDG - Encryption, storage consolida­tion, and replication

CASE STUDY - LRS works overtime and shows client the value of a DR plan
LRS works overtime and shows client the value of a DR plan. THE NEED: Failover for the mainframe. THE SOLUTION: 24x7 consultation and development of a DR plan.

CASE STUDY - Implementing ITIL practices to close gaps in IT Service Delivery
Financial institution implements software and processes to manage IT resources. THE NEED: Close the ‘gaps’ in IT service delivery processes. THE SOLUTION: Freshdesk software from Freshservice.

CASE STUDY - Security – IBM Secret Server
Financial services company achieves security goals by implementing IBM Secret Server. THE NEED: Greater administrative accountability. THE SOLUTION: PAM using IBM Secret Server.

CASE STUDY - Dev/Ops Implementation Improves and Simplifies Process
THE NEED: Standardize server build and deployment process. THE SOLUTION: DevOps methodology and tools. THE RESULT: Improved deployment process and reduced strain on IT resources.

CASE STUDY - Community Bank Enhances Security with Actionable Intelligence
THE NEED: Security intelligence instead of data dumps. THE SOLUTION: QRadar from IBM and Managed Security Services from Carbon Helix. THE RESULT: More actionable intelligence, less staff time spent on security.