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Winning baseball strategy and AI

3/16/2023 by Larry Gant

The ’Moneyball’ approach to baseball assembled undervalued players who could be competitive with more expensive teams; it is AI.

Just keep evolving, like the mainframe

3/2/2023 by John Duffy, Jr.

Instead of migrating off the mainframe, why not modernize mainframe applications? The platform keeps evolving, after all, and the latest model is not your father’s mainframe.

Unleashing the power of AI in HR

2/2/2023 by Larry Gant

Human Resource departments, like many organizations, are experiencing massive disruptions; now, AI and automation are being leveraged by HR professionals.

Yes, manufacturing is at risk

1/19/2023 by Patrick Dolan

With the average cost of a data breach in manufacturing rising to $4.47M in 2022, cyber criminals continue to target manufacturers.

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