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AI and employee retention in Healthcare

9/23/2021 by Steve Cavolick

Employers of all kinds are dealing with a higher than normal churn rate this year. One of the industries being hit hardest with employee turnover is healthcare.

Improve Profitability and Cash Flow with AI For Revenue Cycle Management

6/24/2021 by Steve Cavolick

AI is used widely within the healthcare industry on the clinical side. AI applications deliver medical imaging insights, automated diagnoses, and personalized medicine based on disease and genetics. AI can also be used to drive improvement in the back office operations of healthcare providers, and one area of focus for AI should be in Revenue Cycle Management (RCM).

Building an AI organization, NFL Draft style

4/22/2021 by Steve Cavolick

I’ve simulated how I would go about building an organization and Information Architecture that readies my company for a future of AI as a five-round draft of capabilities and skills.

5 steps to improving success with AI

10/29/2020 by Steve Cavolick

Taking these five steps won’t necessarily guarantee success, but they can help set the foundation to use AI in a way that creates value for your company.

Overcoming bias in AI

8/27/2020 by Steve Cavolick

One of the largest challenges for data scientists today is discovering and monitoring bias in their predictive models.

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