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Do I really need a data fabric?

5/27/2021 by Steve Cavolick

You may already have a data lake, an ETL platform, or are using data virtualization, but a data fabric is the intelligent, next generation of how those technologies are combined and used.

Respect the past but embrace the future

10/1/2020 by Patrick Schmidt

The enterprise data center is neither dead nor dying. The switch of critical loads to a public cloud is happening slowly with more than half of workloads expected to remain in an on-premises data center in 2022.

How data is revolutionizing hockey

4/25/2019 by Steve Cavolick

The National Hockey League believes using data will make viewing the sport less passive and draw more fans to the game through related activities such as fantasy sports.

Managing risk with a VRM app

7/26/2018 by Steve Cavolick

How do you provide your partners with the access they need to serve you best, while making sure that they do not do anything that damages your business, brand, and reputation?