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Eat or be eaten. Corporate Darwinism. These are just ways of saying that the strongest will survive. Companies that digitally transform stand the best chance of overcoming and anticipating competitive, market, natural, and regulatory barriers. Digital transformation is the foundation by which data-centric enterprises make more, better, and faster decisions, and provides trusted data from a single source that can be accessed by any person on any device from anywhere.

One thing that is crystal clear is that data and analytics are at the heart of digital transformation, which in turn are reducing cost, driving faster product development, and increasing customer lifetime value.

This study is designed to examine the key trends fueling the need for analytics, and how it’s being used as a competitive tool. From a view of the benefi­ts, challenges, and planned investments, to the trends around analytics, we hope you ­find the results of this survey bene­ficial as your company evolves through its own digital transformation.

State of Business Analytics Study

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