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“Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) research also found that 47% of organizations were not successful in recovering all of their critical data during their last recovery event.”

– Enterprise Strategy Group Complete Survey Results,
The Long Road Ahead to Ransomware Preparedness, June 2022


The ongoing data revolution has taken IT leaders on a wild adventure over the past few years

The ongoing data revolution has taken IT leaders on a wild adventure over the past few years. From beachside data access to poolside analytics, weʼve now reached the critical point of ensuring our data can withstand any storm.

Todayʼs leading data challenge is recovering data entirely in the event of a breach. Here at LRS, we're partnering with IBM to help customers make that essential shift from data protection to full-on data resilience.

By helping you move from partial data recovery to full recovery, weʼll keep your data cool as a cucumberwhen the heat is on.

IBM: Beyond Firewalls, Resilience Strategies for All

Ready to soak up the sun with data thatʼs primed to perform? Letʼs hear from the experts on the state of data resilience!

Christopher Vollmar and Jeff Crume from IBM speak about the
enormous financial toll companies face when subjected to
cyberattacks. IBMʼs “Cost of a Data Breach” study states its $4.5
million per incident. Organizations can lower these costs significantly
through the utilization of automation and AI when implementing Data
Protection or recovering from cyberattacks.

Del Hoobler discusses how the urgency of Cyber Resiliency and Data
Resilience has escalated significantly in the past five years. Everything
from casinos to hospitals are at risk of falling prey to cyberattacks.
Companies must begin the incremental journey toward building
better defenses.

Data Security

With our extensive experience in cybersecurity and risk management, LRS, an IBM Platinum Partner, is proud to offer the leading cyber resilient storage and data protection solutions, including: 

  • IBM Flash System cyber storage offering with the greatest performance and capacity in a single rack unit
  • IBM Cloud Object Storage, and IBM Spectrum Scale, primary storage solutions that come with data immutability and encryption features
  • IBM Tape Storage, which also supports data immutability and encryption, and provides protection through airgapping
  • IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management sofware manages and protects copies of data
  • IBM Spectrum Protect Suite for additional protection. Spectrum Protect software-defined storage can place data on flash, disk, object storage, and physical or virtual tape. It then detects malware
    and ransomware activity by identifying large deviations from normal access patternsQRadar and Storage Insights solutions that help accelerate detection of potential threats using AI-enhanced capabilities

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“Cyber security and data resilience is not about an ‘on/off switch’ it’s a spectrum. From very weak to very strong. You can never be perfectly data resilient. The most important thing is to get started. You have to take that first step. Your company relies on it."

– Del Hoobler, Principal Storage Sofware Advanced Technology Specialist at IBM

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