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LRS IT Solutions - Security Framework Alignment

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LRS IT Solutions - Security Framework Alignment

Aligning your security framework to recognized standards may seem like a daunting task, but it’s essentially four steps – Identify, Protect, Detect, and Respond.

Our security team is hosting a series of webinars explaining those steps to security framework alignment. The webinars will be presented by Kirk Wilson and Patrick Dolan, two of our security experts.

Attend one or all; they will begin at 1 pm CT.

March 7
IDENTIFY Processes, Assets, Threats and Vulnerabilities
You can only secure what you know about, so you have to identify everything in your organization that’s at risk


March 21
PROTECT Assets and Information
Once you’ve identified everything, protect it with defensive controls

April 4
DETECT Cybersecurity Events
You have to able to detect anomalies, investigate events, and continuously monitor to know when your network is under attack

April 18
RESPOND to Detected Cybersecurity Events
Quick and accurate action is key when your network is under attack, including incident response planning, analysis, mitigation, and communication.


Presenter Bio: Kirk Wilson
Kirk Wilson is an Information Security Solutions Architect and vCISO resource at LRS. He has over 20 years of experience in technology that encompasses a wide breadth of job roles with the majority of that time being in end customer organizations. Kirk currently oversees a team of engineers and advisors focused on the cyber security needs and requirements of our clients, specifically in networking, identity, and data security.


Presenter Bio: Patrick Dolan
Patrick Dolan is an IBM Security Software Specialist with LRS IT Solutions. He combines his knowledge of security software with a passion for helping companies safeguard their operations.