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A holistic approach to cybersecurity - 5 software solutions to protect business data

9/16/2021 by Lynsey Snider

By Lynsey Snider

Cybersecurity tops the list of global priorities in 2021, with “36 Billion Records Exposed in Data Breaches in 2020,” according to CISO MAG. Fight cybercrime like a superhero with these five software solutions to protect your organization’s information.

1 Detect Data Breaches Quickly

Organizations can save on average $1.2M when data breaches are detected sooner.

IBM QRadar SIEM enables your security team to accurately detect and prioritize threats across your network, as well as provide intelligent insights that allow teams to respond quickly to reduce the incident impact. QRadar accelerates incident analysis and remediation by consolidating log events and network flow data from thousands of devices, endpoints, and applications distributed throughout your network. Then related events are combined into single alerts.

2 Secure Access to Privileged Data

Hackers need privileged access to steal your data, and complex, legacy PAM solutions carry a heavy management burden on organizations. 

Thycotic Secret Server empowers your security teams to secure and manage all types of privileged accounts quickly and easily with a PAM solution that is more aggressive, easier to use, and fast to deploy. Since one size doesn’t fit all, SS adapts to each customers’ network, use cases, requirements, and policies with customizable configurations to extend the capabilities of the solution. 

3 Protect Against Sophisticated Threats

85% of cyber-attacks start with compromised endpoints, and conventional defenses no longer work against unconventional attacks.

CrowdStrike Falcon Endpoint Protection overcomes the limitations of legacy security solutions. The Falcon platform unifies the critical elements of endpoint security into a single, integrated solution delivered via the cloud to protect endpoints with ease and stop breaches. With Falcon Endpoint protection, you gain security efficiency and efficacy while reducing complexity and improving protection. 

4 Manage Sensitive Data

With the rapid proliferation of data and the growth of hybrid cloud computing platforms, it’s never been more challenging to discover sensitive data and keep it from misuse or theft from malicious users or third parties.

With IBM Security Guardium’s security portfolio, you build a foundation that starts with locating and classifying your sensitive data, creating policies to manage and protect it, and monitoring its usage. Access is granted only to individuals with approved clearance, all while ensuring you are compliance-ready and within the rules of modern regulations.

5 Simplify and Save on Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

As organizations continually modernize their platforms, trying to manage complex and inflexible legacy systems leads to frustration and wasted manpower.

Veeam Backup & Replication™ v11 eliminates data loss and ransomware while saving 20x on your long‑term archive retention costs. This 4‑in‑1 solution, combining Backup, Replication, Storage Snapshots, and Continuous Data Protection under an easy-to-use single platform, delivers faster and more flexible data protection, recovery, and retention options.

Convinced this rock-solid plan will protect your business data from a breach but still need help implementing these five software solutions? As your cybercrime-fighting partner, LRS can design a comprehensive risk management strategy to address your specific pain points and industry best practices, many times leveraging existing tools that have already been deployed in your environment. KAPOW!

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About the author

Lynsey Snider is a Security Operations Account Executive for LRS. Holding a Bachelor of Business Management from Letorneau University and a Customer Success Manager certificate from Cisco, Lynsey has the skills to help clients select the right security software to boost their business.