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PenTest 101: The benefits of Penetration Testing

9/14/2017 by LRS IT Solutions

Before we get to the benefits of Penetration Testing, let’s talk about what’s going on with your network. On any given day (or night, for that matter), many hundreds to thousands of attempts are made to access your network.

Many of those attempts are successful by design, of course, as customers and trusted partners interact with your systems to communicate, make purchases, and interact with you in the normal course of a business relationship. Many other attempts to access your network are malicious, however, as hackers with increasing sophistication are looking for ways to access your valuable data or to cause serious damage. 

Your existing security architecture is likely made up of a complex variety of technologies that can be difficult to navigate. Deploying a defense-in-depth strategy will consist of any number of security tools working in conjunction to form an overall security posture.

One of the biggest challenges you face is determining whether the tools and configurations you have in place are giving your organization the level of security you require. It isn't good enough anymore to implement security tools and walk away.

How can you determine if your defenses are protecting you? How do you know if vulnerabilities are present that could enable a hacker’s entry into your networks and systems?

You need to put your tools through the paces of simulated breaches that mimic real-world scenarios. That’s what Penetration Testing is all about. Doing so will help determine the value of each of your security tools, as well as reveal areas of weakness.

Conducting Pen Tests to find out where data security needs to be improved is incredibly useful for quickly eliminating high-risk areas where breaches can occur.

We can help. Our Security team uses the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) as a framework to ensure our customers are getting a well-planned test that achieves the best results possible. During our Pen Tests, we employ many industry-standard tools, both commercial off the shelf and open source.

We also offer assessments that are very targeted towards real-life attacker methodology. Each of these steps is performed during a Penetration Test, but each can be done separately to get a more focused look at your organization’s controls and technologies.