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Have you heard about the IBM z16?

4/7/2022 by LRS IT Solutions

IBM just keeps proving that reports of the mainframe’s death are greatly exaggerated.

This week the company launched the IBM z16, calling it “the next-generation system that will bring real-time AI for transaction processing at scale.”

The latest IBM mainframe has the industry’s first integrated on-chip AI accelerator, delivering latency-optimized inferencing designed to enable customers to analyze real-time transactions at scale on critical applications.

Ric Lewis, Senior Vice President, IBM Systems, put it this way: "IBM is the gold standard for highly secured transaction processing. Now with IBM z16 innovations, our clients can increase decision velocity with inferencing right where their mission critical data lives. This opens up tremendous opportunities to change the game in their respective industries so they will be positioned to deliver better customer experiences and more powerful business outcomes.”

In other words, organizations will be able to use AI to analyze trends and make informed decisions really fast.

But accelerated AI is only part of the IBM z16 story. There’s also enhanced security designed especially for today’s hybrid cloud environment.

Quantum-safe cryptography is embedded in the system to improve the resiliency to cyber-attacks from bad actors with future access to quantum computing resources. Today’s cyber threats often involve harvesting encrypted data for decryption later when these resources can break today’s encryption algorithms.

The IBM z16 represents a step forward as customers have a safe and tested infrastructure that can deploy the more sophisticated and complex cryptography needed to protect today’s sensitive data from cyber risks as they emerge.

And speaking of cloud, IBM z16 is an open, agile platform that integrates into a hybrid cloud environment with industry-leading security, data privacy and latency.

IBM has spent three years working to embrace open-source technology on the IBM zSystems platform and establishing a common developer experience across the hybrid cloud. These solutions are designed to help our clients leverage their investments in — and the strengths of — their existing IT infrastructure, clouds and applications in a seamless way, while giving them the flexibility to run, build, manage and modernize cloud native workloads on their choice of architecture. 

The IBM z16 and Cloud Modernization Stack provides a flexible and integrated platform to support z/OS® based cloud native development, application and data modernization and infrastructure automation

So, can the IBM z16 help your organization with its enhanced AI, security, and cloud capabilities? There’s one way to find out – contact us for a free consultation!

And if you want to see all the “WOW” aspects of this new mainframe, watch this video!