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Coping with Data Growth

1/19/2017 by LRS IT Solutions

Is There a Practical Way to Leverage the Cloud for Your Data Replication?

As your business grows, you need to plan IT infrastructure and network solutions to cope with expansion, before it happens, to ensure a seamless operation. If you don’t do this, unforeseen issues can slow your business down or even grind it to a halt costing valuable time and money until a viable solution is found.

Ad hoc devices are not a network

One of our clients found this out the hard way. He was so busy expanding his business that one of the areas that fell through the cracks was the IT.

Warren started his manufacturing business 5 years ago, and all he needed was basic infrastructure. He purchased the most economical equipment he could source and cabled it together himself.

His needs were small to begin with but as his business grew he added ad hoc software and hardware solutions as a reaction to issues arising, without having an overall plan in place. Without a dedicated IT person onboard, it was usually up to him or his operations manager to problem solve any issues.

The crunch came 6 months ago, when he tried to add an e-commerce component to developing business. His network devices stopped talking to each other and after a major security scare; he called us at LRS Solutions.

Updating infrastructure enhances cloud services

The solution for Warren involved both hardware and software based components. Firstly, we recommended and installed an IBM Power System. This gave his business the capacity to grow with flexible hardware that is secure and robustly built to handle big data.

Warren was concerned initially about using the cloud for data services, primarily because of his perceived risk with security. Our team at LRS reassured him that the LRS cloud facility is in a NEBS Level 3-compliant building with Tier III design specs. 24x7 security and has passed SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3 audits.

Warren chose LRS Cloud Services for:

  1. Remote Monitoring & ManagementWith LRS staff managing his IT environment Warren was able to dedicate the needed time to his business strategy;
  2. Data ReplicationInsuring against data loss by always storing an up to date copy of critical business in the cloud.
  3. Data ProtectionManaging his backup system, ensuring the quality of your data backup and detecting/fixing any backup issues.

Warren was able to focus on developing the e-Commerce aspect of the business after the existing LRS challenges had been addressed, and integrating it properly into his network is part of the ongoing partnership with LRS Solutions.

He now feels comfortable using the cloud and that his data is safely stored at the LRS cloud facility. The new servers are performing exceptionally well and downtime is a thing of the past.