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Define, Dissect, and Defend Your Data

2/16/2017 by LRS IT Solutions

Adding Cloud to Your Information Arsenal with Results+

Are you already using the cloud for data security and recovery? Do you have a good understanding of how you can protect the security of your critical business data with a software application like VMware vSphere Data Protection Advanced?

When your business is to run your business, it is difficult to find the time and critical thinking space to find the right IT solutions. The landscape is constantly changing and when your focus is on building sales, infrastructure and software purchases can become as needed rather than part of a comprehensive solution designed to help you increase your ROI.

Data protection should be simple

Susan contacted LRS after she read about the cloud and wanted to know how she could apply it to her business data. Her issue was that she was collecting data as she traded with her online retail business. However, Susan didn’t know what to do with and how to use it to get ahead of her closest competitors.

She also had questions about data protection. The system that she was using was time-consuming involving tapes. Susan didn’t feel that it was secure enough and that it was taking up way too much staff time for no return.

The one time that they did use the tapes for data recovery meant that she lost half a day’s trading waiting for someone to restore the information because she didn’t know how to do it herself.

Give your business the competitive edge

LRS explained the best options available to Susan and recommended that she backup her data to the cloud using VMware vSphere Data Protection Advanced. With VMware she would be able to:

  • Backup virtual machines that storing her data to the cloud with a few mouse clicks;
  • Reduce her storage needs and the time needed to create backups;
  • Decrease recovery time in case of data loss;
  • Easily manage backup and recovery from an user-friendly, virtual console;

Technicians from LRS Solutions installed VMware Horizon Suite onto Susan’s network. This enabled Susan to/solutions/cloud/t gave her to expand her business.

They set up virtual machines within Susan’s existing infrastructure for increased scalability and storage capacity.

She was struggling with IT management so Susan also engaged LRS to remotely manage the deduplication, high-performance virtual machine image-level backup and recovery of her data.

Susan discovered that with the LRS solutions in place the time she saved worrying about her IT was worth more to her than the minimal amount she spent paying LRS to remotely manage her network.

She now has time to analyze her data and adjust her business to take advantage of her customers buying trends. Susan feels that she now has an edge on her competitors because of the new transparency she is experiencing with her critical data.