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Is Your Future in Focus?

3/2/2017 by LRS IT Solutions

How to Drive Infrastructure Transformation with LRS IT Solutions +Intregrity and Experience

As new technologies come to the forefront of business, organizations are scrambling to try and understand how these programs and applications will work within their own IT infrastructure. IT personnel need to set aside time to plan, install, and configure these new technologies, sometimes resulting in extensive downtimes and lost productivity.

The challenge for these organizations is being able to plan for designing and implementing new technology, how it will fit into their current architecture, or if they should completely replace their software and hardware entirely.

Choosing and integrating the right solutions

Our customers know that to compete, they need to leverage and transform their business with technology that will provide agility and performance. Current business challenges can be met by upgrading or refreshing their current infrastructures, however making sure that these new systems will work can be a challenge.

One of our customers, Zions Bancorporation, experienced a 46% growth in business due to several acquisitions. As a geographically dispersed company, Zions discovered that their existing IT environment couldn’t continue with this new growth, especially when they were expecting even more business with a new mobile channel investment. Zions would need to transform their infrastructure to meet this need.

We met with Zions’ operations services to not only discuss what their challenges were, but to plan, design, and help implement solutions that would address their growth, while also providing capacity for the future. The end results not only helped to contain and provide capacity for further growth, but Zions was able to reduce the total costs of operations, even with increased staff numbers.

All due to our Intregrity+ and Experience+.

Intregrity+ and Experience+ - What LRS IT brings to your table

The difference between LRS IT Solutions and our competitors is that we know there is no ‘plug and play’ solution, even though technology has made combining and implementing different solutions easier.

Our mission is simple – provide value around infrastructure and cloud solutions to meet the business needs of our customers. We do this by incorporating the best IT products, services, and solutions for our customers and have been since 1995. When it comes to helping our customers figure out different configurations for their infrastructure and environments, our experts are trained, certified, and experienced with today’s IT hardware and software products.

This is what we do:

  • We start with a planning meeting so we can learn about your business initiatives, goals, challenges, and even what growth ideas you might have.
  • Then we work with you to design solutions that work for and with your business, finding the best ways for you to leverage these new systems and new technologies.
  • Once a plan and a design is in place and accepted by both personnel and departments, our team will physically install, configure, and test the solutions, documenting the configuration and performing any training that you may need for your staff.

We combine our experience in the information technology industry with our company’s integrity to ensure that our customers get superior service, products, solutions, and guidance to further their business growth and success.