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Taking the holistic view of IT

7/18/2019 by LRS IT Solutions

A few decades ago, a support technician in a small company was talking about his unique situation. 

“Most of the time, there’s a hardware guy who blames all the problems on the software so people will yell at the software guy, and vice versa,” he said. “I’m responsible for both hardware and software, so I just get yelled at no matter what.”

Viewing the individual components of your IT Infrastructure – software, hardware, networking – as separate entities in your enterprise may have made sense at one time. Today? Not only does that view not make sense, it’s counter-productive.

Just consider the cloud, which has been one of the hottest trends of the last several years. You can offload a lot of your storage concerns to the cloud, you can migrate your line-of-business application software to the cloud, and you can create a hybrid environment encompassing your on-premise storage and computing with cloud-based resources.

Quick, ask yourself who would be in charge of any of those initiatives. Your software team? Hardware? Network? And how do you make sure all your data is secure, regardless of where it’s stored?

All of these thoughts were sparked by IBM’s recent announcements of new products for managing and securing storage, as well as a new Flash storage unit. The company announced:

IBM Spectrum Discover, a storage management product that, for the first time, offers support for non-IBM storage products. To help you deal with compliance issues, Spectrum Discover also offers automatic detection of PII, SSNs, credit card numbers and other sensitive info.

IBM Cloud Object Storage Generation 2, offering more capacity and storage at a lower price, for fast data transfers between on-prem and cloud, along with archiving and other data management capabilities.

IBM FlashSystem 9100, the company’s first NVMe-based storage platform promising even faster speeds and lower latency for use in cloud and big data and analytics deployments.

You can check out the announcement video by clicking here.

Which pats of your IT team could benefit from these recent announcements? Perhaps all of them.  LRS contends that IBM product announcements such as these need to be evaluated by your storage, software, cloud, networking, and security teams. It’s time to take a holistic view of your IT environment.

And if your teams are currently overwhelmed by day-to-day operations, remember that LRS IT Solutions is your trusted technology partner to help with these new decision options. Just fill out the form below to get our team working on your needs.