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Get the server flexibility you need

1/9/2020 by LRS IT Solutions

Are your current servers the most efficient for your needs or are you spending too much on power, cooling, and space? Does your infrastructure offer the flexibility that your business needs in cloud capability, reliability, and security?

POWER9 servers are the latest innovation in the IBM series and are designed to outperform competitors as well as previous versions.

Scalable and powerful, it is infrastructure that can deal with the intensive workloads typical in today’s data centers. Because POWER9 is a technology that allows you to adjust capacity to fit your business needs, it lowers operating costs while improving overall efficiency. Here are just a few of the performance capabilities of POWER9:

POWER9 provides the ideal computing platform to help you meet current and future business challenges. It is designed to support data-intensive applications while providing economic flexibility. IBM has focused on addressing the requirements of computing in the cloud and delivering faster insights with AI technology, ideally suitable for building or updating multicloud environments.

For more information on POWER9 systems and how they can revolutionize your operation, download our Power Systems infographic here.