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4/17/2017 by LRS IT Solutions

Simplify Your Hybrid Infrastructure Strategy with Cloud Exchanges

Increasingly, businesses are adopting cloud platforms for staging applications and services. According to Forbes, industry leader Cisco predicts that by 2019 more than four fifths, or 83%, of data center traffic will be cloud based. Workloads are estimated to be placed 56% in public clouds and 44% in private clouds.

What does that mean to you? Consider one of our clients.

Stepping into the cloud

James needed to develop his infrastructure. His business was growing and while his existing infrastructure had worked well when he had set the business up, just five years later it was struggling to cope with the additional workload and didn’t provide the flexibility that the organization needed.

He already had VMware Horizon Suite operating within his network and James approached LRS IT Solutions to help him integrate his VMWare environment with cloud services. The specific services he needed were data recovery, storage, and a virtual private cloud to allow him to expand without a capital outlay on infrastructure.

Expansion without disruption to continuity

LRS IT Solutions used vCloud to help James incorporate services into his overall infrastructure strategy with a cloud exchange. They offered a high bandwidth private connection that circumvented the public Internet.

This gave James’ business better output, increased reliability, strong security and a cost effective solution. The cloud exchange merged the economic and service benefits of a public cloud with the excellent functionality, dependability, and security of a private connection.

We were able to:

  1. Virtualize data centers – Add flexibility to the infrastructure, and consolidate servers and data center operations. James even had the option to configure multiple data centers within his existing system in the future.
  2. Add automation capability – Allow the allocation of resources across all areas to be managed from a single portal, increasing the overall saving on capital and operating costs.
  3. Ensure business continuity – Proactive management will prevent downtime and maximize all areas of performance across the network.

After the integration of his VMWare and services, James was relieved that the implementation was seamless and without interruption to the business operation.

What services are you connecting to the cloud? You can save on infrastructure costs by accessing cloud services that can expand and contract to meet your requirements.