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Getting the advantages of cloud backup and recovery

5/21/2020 by LRS IT Solutions

The ability to protect vital information is critical to your survival, no matter what size or type your business is. Increasingly, businesses are adopting cloud backup solutions to address data protection challenges. Why?

It could be because cloud backup enables your organization to send a copy of your cloud data to another location so that if your data is compromised, you can restore information, ensure business continuity, and defend against devastating IT crises. It could also be cloud backup’s ability to lessen the load on inhouse data center staff.

Let’s look at other benefits of cloud-based backup and recovery.

Cloud-based backup systems allow for the day-to-day process of backing up your data to be largely automated, freeing employees to focus on what they do best. This also eliminates the need to train an ever-expanding number of employees on how to back up different kinds of files correctly and check up on them to ensure that guidelines are being followed and errors avoided.

Cloud backup systems are, by definition, off site and out of the geography. While no one can predict where or when issues leading to data loss will occur, it’s a sensible precaution to keep backup data in a location physically isolated from the location where the data is normally stored. That way, no matter how severe the loss on a local level, backup data remains safe and secure.

Supposing disaster does strike, what happens then? Evacuations can leave employees scattered across the country. Even with a highly localized emergency, like a building fire or cyber attack, you need to be able to access your data quickly without being onsite. With cloud-based backup systems, you can implement your disaster recovery plan from wherever you are in the world.

Cloud backup grows with you. Businesses might prefer to host their own backup servers onsite in an attempt to keep costs down. While this method might seem cheaper in the short term, it doesn’t accommodate growth. An expanding business produces more data, requiring more servers, the physical disk space to store them in, a secure, climate-controlled space to maintain them, human resources to manage them, and safeguards to keep everything secure. Cloud backups allow you to scale up effortlessly as your business grows, freeing you from worrying about storage upgrades so you can focus on your core business challenges

And, yes, cloud backup can lessen the workload on an organization’s in-house staff. When you use a cloud backup provider, you leverage their expertise to securely protect and provide uninterrupted access to all your data. You take advantage of the latest technology, infrastructure, and scalability that a cloud backup solution provides. That lets you free up your valuable staff resources for other projects that have a more direct impact on your productivity and the profitability of the business.

LRS IT Solutions has many years of experience planning, configuring, implementing and managing backup and recovery solutions both on premises and in the cloud. We can assess your business’ needs and recommend the best backup system, including a cloud-based backup and recovery system. Contact us today.