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How do you assess your cyber risk?

1/20/2022 by Chris Hill

By Chris Hill

What do you do when you want to know about any vulnerabilities in your security posture, but you don’t really have the time or budget for penetration testing?

You really want is an assessment of your security situation. You don’t want anyone to assess your vulnerabilities and then automatically perform remediation for a premium price.

You need to call the Security team at LRS IT Solutions.

Our Cyber Risk Analysis, or CRA, is a security assessment that focuses on areas commonly found to be points of entry or attack for bad actors. It’s performed by security experts who have served on red and blue teams and now utilize their knowledge and experience to help organizations harden their environments.

The CRA consists of internal and external vulnerability scanning, Active Directory assessment, and firewall rule evaluation. The goal of our CRA is to determine:

  • Whether exploitable risks exist in your perimeter defenses
  • Whether security misconfiguration poses a significant risk to your AD environment
  • The level of risk to your organization due to hardware or software vulnerabilities

Once we’ve completed our assessment, we compile the results into a Corrective Action Plan which we deliver to you.

The Corrective Action Plan provides you with detailed information on ways to harden your boundary defenses, improve your AD security and reduce the number of exploitable vulnerabilities in your environment. The Plan includes a technical report for each area of review: Firewalls, Active Directory, and general vulnerability assessment.

Although the Plan is easy to read and understand, we go over it with you to make sure you understand the priority of the remediation steps you need to take. Then you have the option of taking remediation steps yourself, contracting a third party to do it, or contracting LRS IT Solutions to do it.

There is no obligation to have LRS IT solutions perform the remediation steps detailed in the Corrective Action Plan!

So why call LRS for a CRA? There are many reasons!

First, our CRA was recognized as one of the top security assessments in 2020 by Enterprise Security Magazine. Second, our CRA team has worked on internal security teams across a variety of industries, and they understand the common errors, omissions, and misconfigurations that ultimately lead to incidents or breaches. Finally, we have a deep knowledge of attacker tools, techniques, and procedures, which enables them to create a comprehensive set of corrective actions that will reduce your overall attack surface.

Also, there’s no cost for calling LRS to discuss a CRA. Why not fill out the form below right now to request a consultation?

About the author

Chris Hill serves as our Security Practice Leader. Chris has more than 24 years of business and professional experience in IT and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Formerly the State of Illinois Chief Information Security Officer, Chris is currently pursuing his accreditation as a Certified Information Systems Security Manager.