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Creating an Agile IT Infrastructure

2/1/2017 by LRS IT Solutions

Specify, Configure, and Implement Your Server Solution

Modern organizations are in a state of major transition right now. As technology plays an increasingly important role in all aspects of business, IT is now in the driver’s seat to help businesses differentiate with new products, services, and routes to market. The datacenter infrastructure of the past is not well equipped to handle the new cloud-based applications and development models that are central to business success today.

Every organization is hard at work to keep its IT environments not just up and running, but as efficient as possible. It’s this efficiency that gives you a bit of an edge and, if done right, will help to differentiate you out in the market. After all, IT isn’t just a cost center nor liability, but truly can be a competitive differentiator.

Over the years, we have consistently brought solutions to market designed to help our clients transition to more modern datacenters that can keep up with the rapid pace of the business.

When we are working with our client’s and their IT challenges, we talk to them about our portfolio of services and solutions. We’ve been doing this for quite some time, and have some amazing partners, so we have quite an extensive portfolio. But what’s most important to us and what customers truly want to understand is not just what we do, but where we’ve done it before. We have plenty of customer testimonies and case studies, however the real value is when they are able to experience our services and solutions for themselves firsthand, as is the case below.

When IT systems reach the end of their lifecycle

One of our clients was experiencing intense pressure on its supporting infrastructure due to an increase in staff and heavy use of enterprise applications. Their environment had become unstable and incapable of delivering the performance they needed.

They came to us and we were able to help them define their priorities, which were stability and scalability. The infrastructure had to be reliable and available, and enable easy access for the growing number of users

An agile infrastructure for a modern workplace

We investigated a range a range of server options but ultimately decided on Red Hat Enterprise Linux on IBM Power Systems. The solution uses IBM PowerKVM virtualization to optimize resources and reduce costs through economies of scale.

The combination of Linux on IBM Power Systems provided them with the performance and stability needed to support their enterprise applications. We also continuously evaluate their infrastructure to meet any evolving business needs that arise.

The business landscape is changing.

Mobility, social, cloud and big data have all proven to be key drivers of a workplace transformation. Enterprises need an agile infrastructure that delivers a more digitized and virtual environment. Some of the core benefits of an infrastructure solution with LRS include:

  • The ability to drive growth and increase agility with our technology and global industry insights for maximum impact.
  • Reduced cost and time to deliver and manage your IT infrastructure by taking advantage of our deep expertise and experience across infrastructure technologies.
  • Access to the right skills at the right cost and in the right location through a global delivery
  • Customization of your solution for your needs and budget with flexible pricing and delivery models.
  • On premises, cloud and hybrid models provide the choice and flexibility to adapt to change as your business needs evolve.

We serve our clients businesses better and smarter by moving quickly and by managing their systems with less complexity. We effectively respond to business needs and serve as a competitive weapon to help drive business growth.

LRS IT Solutions is your source for expertise and guidance for your various IT server needs.